Welcome to a sustainable venue!

Grieghallen’s green plans for the future

In 2021, we commit to incorporate environmental and climate considerations into our daily work. Our sustainability strategy will help us observe, strenghten and anchor our sustainability efforts. Sustainability will affect every choice, big and small, that we make at Grieghallen; from the purchaces we make to our energy use, from our partner's solutions to the solutions we offer – and from the food our audience eats to the transport they choose.

Grieghallen is certified according to the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation's criteria for the tenth year running, which includes a 2021 certification for Green Conferences and Performing Arts. In 2020, we became a Klimapartner and, in addition to the many other green plans on our agenda.

We prioritize sustainability and
inspire our partners, suppliers and
the industry to join us in becoming
even more sustainable

We improve through
innovation and sustainable

We will do our part in ensuring
society fulfills the UN Sustainable
Development Goals

We will be a central part of
Bergen's ambitions for a
sustainable city.

We share our knowledge of
sustainability with customers, partners,
colleagues, the professional
community and the public.

Together with you, we implement efforts,
big and small, for a more sustainable future

We are certified for Green Conferences and Performing Arts

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Lisbeth Mundheim Hofstad


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