Grieghallen - Our vision and core values


Together we create unique experiences in the heart of Bergen

Our four core values 

This is Grieghallen's "personality".
Our core values characterize us in our work and guide the people who represent the brand.

These are the behaviours and attitudes that underpin the way we do things.


We greet everyone with joy and pride to showcase Grieghallen
We are flexible and adapt to the needs of the organizer and the visitor
We organize experiences - small and large

Everything here is solid, clean and proper
We are well prepared
We stand for quality
We keep our promises

We go to great lengths to meet customer’s needs
We show commitment and take action when needed
We are constantly looking for new and better solutions
We are adaptable

We are proactive and look for opportunities to increase both the experience and the additional sales
We are unbureaucratic
We carry with us Grieghallen’s pride in the way we perform our work