Infection control in Grieghallen – Covid 19

The following forms the basis of infection control during all events in Grieghallen:

  • Sick people shall stay at home
  • Practicing good hygiene/cough etiquette and thorough cleaning of all areas
  • Practicing social distance and reduce contact between people to a minimum


The most important infection control measure is that sick people stay at home. Cough hygiene and distance are crucial to limit droplet infection, while hand hygiene, and avoidance of touching your face with unclean hands, is important to prevent contact infection. Increased physical distance between people reduces the possibility of infection, even before symptoms of illness occur.

Dispensers with hand sanitizer have been placed at the entrance and other central points around Grieghallen and everyone is encouraged to use these often. Posters and screens with information about infection control are located visibly in all premises.

Entrance and cloakroom
There is good capacity for admission to events in Grieghallen. We adjust the number of entrances as needed and will in some cases be able to deviate from our standard setups. We recommend all guests to show up well in advance to avoid queues. Furthermore, we advise concert audience to familiarize themselves with the seating structure and the seat number on the ticket and keep it ready upon arrival.

To avoid congestion and queues, there will be limited wardrobe access during concerts, and the audience is encouraged to bring their outerwear into the concert hall with them.

Premises and distance
Grieghallen has large premises with good capacity to serve the maximum allowed number of spectators. There is plenty of room to follow all the recommendations on practicing social distance. We adapt maps and distance between seats of all our venues according to current rules. As of today, this is specified as 1 meter between each person, apart from people from the same household / close relationships.

The participants of events are responsible for keeping the necessary distance within the given framework. Areas exposed to queues will be staffed with guards/hosts as needed. They may, if necessary, recommend dissolving dense groups.

Given Grieghallen’s large entrance points and foyers it will not be difficult to maintain the distance of 1 meter, but if you want extra security, bring and wear a facemask until you find your seat in the hall or if you using the restroom. Grieghallen’s personnel will wear facemasks in public areas as an extra precaution measure.

There is a good toilet capacity in Grieghallen. Guests are requested to keeping social distance and follow the markings and distance rules in the event of a queue. Guests are obliged to follow any instructions from guards and hosts.

Cleaning of premises
Grieghallens premises are thoroughly cleaned before use. During public events there is a continuous cleaning of toilets, contact surfaces, etc., in order to minimize the likelihood of infection spreading.

During events where alcohol is served, serving will take place at a table/seat. Plenty of space has been set aside to comply with the 1-meter distance in all dining areas, and it is not allowed to move existing table layouts. We recommend that all refreshments are purchased in advance via The ordered items will be ready for pickup at a designated place upon arrival.

It should be experienced as safe to visit us. Welcome!